Is Gold the Best Asset for Trading Binary Options ?

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Binary option is a type of investment in which two possibilities can be predicted. One possibility is that when one predicts that the prices will go up this is called Call option. The other type of possibility is when you predict that the prices will go down. This type of investment is called Put option. For investment in Binary option one needs to select the type of asset first.

Assets that can be traded in Binary option

  • Indices: Nasdaq, FTSE, Dow Jones etc. are some examples of indices
  • Forex: Currencies like USD, GBP, EUR, AUD etc. are examples of Forex
  • Commodities: Corn, coffee, gold, oil, silver etc. are examples of commodities
  • Stock: Shares of companies like Google, Coca cola, Deutche bank etc. are some examples of stock.


Types of Binary option

  • Digital option: It is the most common type of binary option which is also called as up/down option or call/put option. The trader can predict if the digital option will stop at higher or lower rate than rate entered.
  • Touch option: It is a kind of binary option that has a number of sub categories like touch, no touch and double touch. Here the trader will not predict high or low but instead will predict touch or no touch. He will predict if the asset will touch a specific level before the expiry of a particular time.
  • 60 second option: It is 60 second trading in which the trader has to predict rise or fall within 6 seconds. It is same as digital option with a very short expiry period.
  • Boundary option: It is also called Range option or tunnel option. In this method upper and lower level can be predicted. The payouts depends upon the level defined. It is best when the market is stable or when trading outside the limits.

Benefits of Binary option

  • High return potential: Binary option involves a higher risk. Hence the returns on this investment are also high. A trader can earn approximately 60-90 % return as compared to other investments.
  • Fixed risk and reward: The trader knows how much he is risking and how much he can earn. There are no limits for investing. The possibilities of earnings or loss are clearly known to the trader.
  • Some returns earnings: Some brokers offer a small return or money back on their first investment if the trader losses everything. This is to attract more traders towards this option and minimize the risk.
  • Easy and Simple: Binary option is not complicated like forex. These are very user friendly and features like demo accounts, chat, informative videos etc. are easily available on different websites.


  • Quick profits: It is one of the important benefits of binary options. Binary options usually have an expiry period of an hour or less. Hence the trader has more options and opportunities to earn profits. Binary options of 30 minutes, 15 minutes and even 60 seconds are available.
  • Variety of assets: Binary options can be traded in different assets. This allows the traders to diversify their investment and have control over risk.

Disadvantages of Binary options

  • Less profits: In Binary options the trader does not purchase the stock, hence there is no possibility of selling the stock and recovering some money. In this option he just has to predict up or low. He will either win or lose the entire amount invested.
  • High spread: The cost of entering the trade is very high. It is one of the most expensive financial instruments. Hence high spread is required by the trader to stay in the market and gain profit.
  • Short term: The expiry of the trade is very short in this type of option. It becomes very difficult for the trader at times to predict as the market show random changes and only a skilled trader can survive in such situation and earn profit.


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How to Trade Gold

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How to Trade Gold


A rare metal is gold and it is frequently used as money. A result, trading gold is very popular all the way through history. Usually, trading gold is viewed as a harbor or hedge against political, economic or social fiat currency crises, such as inflation, investment market declines, currency failure, social unrest or war. These days, more and more investors start to get involved or take attention in trading gold. The first thing we should do is to understand some simple knowledge about the gold trading.

Just like when you are trading any financial market, trading gold for profit – means to buy gold low, and then sell it high, and also knowing how to spot the difference.

Limitless websites, books, seminars and courses claim they can give you this gold trading edge. However, a small number of people will remind you that the number one rule of making money – whether you are trading coffee, gold or currencies – begins with cutting your trading costs the lowest as you can.

How if you keep paying fat brokerage fees each time you trade – how can you buy low and sell high?

Now, we will show you a solution which makes real, high-integrity gold available to you whether you want to trade gold as an active trader or as a long term investor. And what is more it both decreases your costs and increases your safety.


Nine types of gold trading:

There are binary options, spot trading, gold exchange traded funds, buying gold bars, gold futures and options, gold coin collection, gold certificate, buy mining company’s stock and gold accounts.

Gold trading market:

Generally in the range of international financial centers is gold exchange. Presently, the most important worldwide gold trading markets are in London, Hong Kong,  Sydney, New York, Zurich and Tokyo. But, a greater influence on the world gold trading markets has London bullion market.

When fix gold price:

Keep in mind that the gold price is changed minute by minute, day to day. In general, the gold price is fixed twice every business day at 10:30 o’clock in the morning and 3 o’clock in the afternoon, London time by the London Gold Market Fixing Ltd by the use of conference call.

Factors influencing the gold price:

These days, the gold price is determined by demand and supply as well as speculation. Also, the most important factors influence the price of gold are: the international monetary fund and central banks, jewelry and industrial demand, hedge against financial pressure, gold jewelry recycling, short selling, war, national emergency and invasion.

Gold price terms:

Usually gold price terms are ask price, bid price, fixing price and spot price. Although the above prices all point to the value of gold, and there are big difference between them.

The present highest price at which you could sell is the bid price.

Opposite of the bid price is the ask price, that is the present lowest price at which you could buy.

Offered by professional traders throughout the world is spot price and it is calculated based on the most recent average bid price.

Fixed by The London Gold Market Fixing Ltd is the gold fixing price, and it is used as a standard to pricing the main global gold derivatives and products.

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Gold Trading

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Gold Trading

Just like trading any financial market, trading gold means purchasing it for cheaper and selling it  for more money, but also means understanding how to recognize the distinction.

Seminars, books, courses and websites state they can issue you this edge when trading gold. Anyway few will advise you that the best tenet of profiting – no matter if you’re trading currencies, gold or coffee – begins with reducing your expenses for trading as low as possible.

But, how can you purchase gold cheaper and sell it for more money if you are paying commission for every trade?

There is a solution which will help you to gain gold bars of high quality no matter if you trade gold as an operating trader or as an investor for long period of time. In addition it both diminishes your expenses and builds your wellbeing.

Trade Gold

When you need to trade gold effectively and gainfully the main thing will be price. As simple as that, if you constantly paying spread and fees, you cannot make a benefit by gold trading.

Any individual who needs to trade gold may give liquidity on “BullionVault”.


Not very many frameworks on the planet give you a chance to use the spread. Access to spread is the thing that truly issues you the capacity to take a benefit from gold trading and that is the reason most organizations keep it in secret.

“BullionVault” is not expensive, but is the most secure, and most available overall business for trading gold bars  which are private possession. There is no more attractive suggestion to the gold dealer. However, keep in mind that in the event that you trade gold that business could be dangerous if markets do not perform in your favor.

What are the most ideal approaches to purchase gold?  You can find the answer in this article.


It will be demonstrated to you how experts have masterminded gold market worldwide with the goal that they can bargain gold bars less expensive and more securely than you.

And then, the ways to join the professional market will be showed to you.

In order to do it, you will be acquainted with “BullionVault”. We will additionally let you know about alternate ways you may decide to purchase gold: little bullions and coins, gold prospects, certificates, mining stocks and ETFs. The moment you comprehend these choices we’re certain you’ll have much more certainty you’re settling on the right decision with “BullionVault.”.

In the most recent two years they the more gold is purchased by “BullionVault” than by some other immediate bullion possession benefit on the planet.


There is more than 33 tones of gold In the “BullionVault” storage, which is a larger amount than the greater part of the world’s national banks. Each ounce is possessed secretly, by individuals like you, and put away in the authorized proficient bullion business, vault of their decision, located on one of a few distinctive vaulting areas around the world.

Alright then? Presently you know you’re not squandering your profitable time, so you ought to get on with seeing how the expert gold business functions, and how the website ‘’  gives you a chance to utilize it.

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Free trade options

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Free trade options

Meaning of “Free commerce”

The unhindered buy and offer of merchandise and administrations between nations without the burden of imperatives, for example, duties, obligations and portions. Unhindered commerce is a win-win suggestion in light of the fact that it empowers countries to concentrate on their center focused advantage(s), subsequently expanding monetary yield and cultivating wage development for their nationals. In the past isolated economies, for example, China and India have extended at much speedier development rates since they received organized commerce standards in the 1980s and 1990s, separately. Organized commerce empowers countries to focus their endeavors on assembling items or giving administrations where they have a unique similar focal point, as per the hypothesis initially embraced by economist David Ricardo two centuries prior. A facilitated commerce arrangement ought to empower a country to create enough outside money to buy the items or administrations that it doesn’t deliver indigenously. The methodology works best when there are few if any obstructions to entrance for such imports. The inconvenience of fake limitations, for example, levies on imports or the procurement of appropriations to fares will present contortions and obstruct unhindered commerce. You can sign up here for a demo

Stock buy and sellIf you have an enthusiasm for exchanging any sort of Binary Options online however have never done as such previously, then there are various Binary Option exchanging destinations accessible who will give you a chance to sign up and utilize a demo record to permit you to get completely used to this new and conceivably exceptionally beneficial method for exchanging Binary Options in a split second on the web. Indeed we would prescribe that any individual who wishes to begin exchanging Binary Options online sign up to utilize a no store Binary Options exchanging record for by doing as such it will empower you to get used to the a wide range of sorts of Binary Options that are at present accessible to you on the web, and there are a huge number of them accessible at painfully inconvenient times of the day or night!

Observe the accompanying accumulation of no store obliged Binary Option exchanging sites underneath; now each of them will offer you a gigantic scope of Binary Options yet each of them accompany their own particular selective sort of exchanging stage. Open up a record at the greatest number of them as you can for by doing as such this will empower you to test out the no store Binary Option exchanging stages and having attempted the greatest number of them as you can by means of the no hazard no store adaptations of their exchanging stages then you will be in a vastly improved position to discover one that you discover suitable to your own particular manner of exchanging.

logoGTOptions – This is an awesome Binary Option exchanging site for the amateur for they have complete regulated aides which will illuminate you on each and every exchanging alternative accessible, in addition to in the event that you do choose to change from their no store demo mode stage to the genuine cash one you will have the capacity to claim a reward worth $5000 as another client!

TopOption – One of the greatest no store Binary Option exchanging stages and broking destinations you will discover online is the one offered by the Top Option website, we truly can prescribe this webpage to the greater part of our site guests and when you go for their exchanging stage if you like what you see and afterward go ahead to make a store and exchange for genuine cash then a huge $2,500 reward is accessible to you! But before you hire a broker look for its review, you always want to hire a reputable one. On this sire you can find magnum options review and many more.

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A brief history of gold

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A brief history of gold

So, the biggest question among people is who has actually discovered gold ?

Well, thousands of years ago, a child finds a shiny rock in a creek, and that is the first time that the human race was introduced to gold.

So, gold was discovered at first, as yellow, shining pieces. The saying goes – “Gold is where you find it,” and gold was discovered in its natural state at first, in streams all around the world. So, there is no doubt it was the first metal known to early hominids.

Therefore, gold became a part of every human culture. Its natural beauty, brilliance, and luster, and its great malleability and resistance to stain made it pleasurable to play and work with.

The next common question is – where does gold come from?

Its discovery happened to many different groups in many different locales, because gold is dispersed widely all the way through the geologic world. And almost everyone who found gold was impressed with it, and so was the rising culture in which they lived.image_resize

The first metal widely known to our species was gold. We believe the development of iron and copper-working as the biggest contributions to our species’ cultural and economic progress, when we thinking about the historical progress of technology – but the thing is that gold came first.

If you didn’t know, gold is the easiest of the metals to work. It occurs in a nearly pure and practical state, while most other metals are likely to be found in ore-bodies that sham some complexity in smelting. Early uses of gold were decorative, and its permanence and brilliance (it neither tarnishes nor corrodes) linked it to royalty and deities in early civilizations.

Gold has always been powerful material. The initial history of human interaction with gold is long lost to us, but its relation with immortality, with the gods and with wealth itself are well-known to a lot of cultures around the world.

Ancient civilizations likened gold with rulers and gods, and gold was wanted in their name and donated to their glorification. Humans almost instinctively place a high value on gold, equating it with beauty, power and the cultural elite. Since gold is broadly distributed all over the world, we find this same thinking about gold all the way through ancient and modern civilizations all over the place.

celticgoldstatercunobelinobv400Gold, power and beauty have always gone together. Gold in prehistoric times was made into idols and shrines (the Golden Calf), cups, plates, vessels and vases of all kinds, and of course, jewelry for personal decoration.

Gold has always had high value to humans, even before it was money. That is shown by the extraordinary efforts that were made in order to obtain gold. Prospecting for gold was a international effort going back thousands of years, even before the first money in the form of gold coins appeared about 800 B.C.

In the quest for gold by the Egyptians, Phoenicians, Hittites, Indians, Chinese, and others, prisoners of war were sent to work the mines, as were criminals and slaves. And this happened throughout a time when gold had no value as ‘money,’ but was just considered a pleasing commodity of and in itself.

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Make money from gold

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Make money from gold

In times of emergency, gold is frequently seen as a safe contribution. In this manner the gold value soared amid the bankruptcy, empowering American ‘money for gold’ organizations to surge in from over the lake to allure us to lash old gems and make £100s. While the cost is no more at the highs it came to amid the downturn, even scrap gold can at present be justified regardless of a mint when liquefied down and transformed into bullion. Keep in mind, as with different items, gold costs vacillate. Provided that you trade in for money now, you may miss out or increase all the more later, yet nobody knows without a doubt.

How gold offering functions

Gold purchasing organizations’ plans of action are basic: they purchase gold, melt it down and beat it on for additional. This implies you can get real money for broken and disliked bling. Yet it’s a jungle out there, along these lines, verify you get cites from a few respectable spots including:

  • Jewelers - Pop into a couple of gem specialists to get an unpleasant thought of what value you ought to anticipate. Rivalry is hot in certain regions, for example, focal London and Birmingham – which means top costs.
  • The top postal gold sites.In case that you go down this course, you’ll first be given a quote on the web, then you’ll have to post in the gold for check and at exactly that point will you be given an offer. Numerous gold websites are inconsistent or poor players.coins_on_chart

What amount would you be able to make purchasing gold?

Deceitful gold merchants like the ones that promote on radio and TV request that you mail your gold into them. They normally pay somewhere around 10 percent and 20 percent of the estimation of gold. Most second hand stores pay around 30% to 35%.

Authentic merchants pay somewhere around 40 percent and 60 percent. That may appear to be low to you, however recollect, the gold you purchase must be purified, refined, examined and poured into ingots before it can be exchanged. Refiners who do this will pay you somewhere around 80 percent and 93 percent of the spot cost of

Let’s take a look at a regular deal. The normal individual has a tendency to get three or four things that by and large weigh around 2 ounces. Most things individuals bring me are 14.000 gold which is 59% immaculate gold and the rest is combinations to give gold its shading and hardness.

Two ounces at 59 percent works out to 1.17 ounces of clean gold. Lets say for instance you pay that individual half, which is regular of most real gold merchants. At $1.400 ounce, that turns out to $813. At this point you send the gold to a refiner who will pay you 95% of the spot cost. We will give you a chance to do the math this works out to an extremely pleasant benefit from only one exchange. Numerous specialists anticipate that gold will go as high as $2.000 an ounce. we don’t know whether that will happen, yet envision how beneficial this business will be in the event that it does. The gold business has constantly been a decent business, however not at all like it has been 2008 when gold costs began climbing as the economy started the downturn.

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How to Trade Gold with Binary Options

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How to Trade Gold with Binary Options

Gold exchanging is presently a standout amongst the most conceivable method for creating pay on the web, particularly with the continuous monetary emergency. The cost for uncommon metals is likely going to increment in extent to the decline in the monetary development of countries as far and wide as possible, for example, the U.S.A and those of the European Union. A successful method for profiting is by knowing how to exchange gold with Binary Options and that’s very important whilst trading. If you are trading online chose boss capital or some other reputable broker. Trust me, no one wants to get scammed!

Distinctive exchanges depend on diverse exchanging commercial ventures to expect the aftereffects of their exchanges. A binary option offers stand out from several results. You either win or lose. Options likewise incorporate repaired time limits where the aftereffect of the exchange gave either wins or loses. In view of this, brokers are for the most part pulled in to options since they must look at the confounded patterns in the worldwide markets. Every time a dealer gets a twofold option, they are obliged to choose which among the two achievable results they are more slanted to pick. While a great deal of dealers do their examination on industry patterns and news exercises, the compelled scope of any parallel option can empower merchants to make an exchange regardless of the fact that they don’t have any experience.


What Makes Trading Gold with Binary Options a Great Choice?

Crude materials like gold, petrol or propane, gold and silver coins are fabulous merchandise for exchanging purposes with twofold options. These things are for the most part fabricated in the items segment. These things are unstable and will offer high value variations in a brief time. The items will have additional esteem and offer at their deal.

The Value of Gold and Rare Metals

Studies uncover that the costs of uncommon metals, particularly gold, vacillate on a normal near to 30%. This is the reason exchanging gold with binary option can be a to a great degree beneficial framework. A substantial quality increment has been seen in gold contrasted with different metals; increment of up to 60% of its unique worth. The thing that has to be taken into account is that this is the ideal time to exchange gold with Binary Options.

Trading Gold Tips

Gold is an unpredictable thing. It’s every day pips go between 1,000 to 10,000 pips. Such unpredictability can lead you to one side bearing on the off chance that you set a proper strike value and date of termination. These three fixings ought to be sufficient to help you succeed. In the wake of deciding the bearing, you can then get the right strike cost. The right strike cost is one which can be arrived at inside the value developments or scope of gold and is not over the resistance point. There are numerous routes for you exchange well with gold. You can sign up for our administration and pick among our best dealers to help you in your exchanging tries.

The Best Brokers We Recommend:

24 option

Banc de Binary

Cedar Finance

Trade Rush

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